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Bill Petros

Teaching Classes in New York and Houston


     United World Muay Thai Association

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Bill Petros Bio:                            

Senior Khru Instructor - Board Member - Chief of Staff - United World Muay Thai Association (

Muay Thai practitioners and Martial Artists in the Houston and New York City area. Bill Petros is now teaching self defense classes in those areas.

With many years teaching Law Enforcement and Military contractors, he is a well-known Martial Arts expert, and his services are in high demand.

Below we have listed Bill petros Martial Arts biography for anyone interested in joining his classes. There is contact information for Bill, also listed below.

Bill Petropulos has been part of the United World Muay Thai Association for over 15 years; he helped form the foundation of the modern - United World Muay Thai Association, which was founded and formed initially in 1992 by Khru Vut Kamnark, who saw the need for a better governing body over Muay Thai fighting regulations in Thai land and the United States. 




Bill got his start in Martial arts at age 8 when he studied for six years at Bob Ozman Studios in the Valley (North Hollywood / Van Nuys area) There he received his first Black Belt in Ozman Ryu Karate, in which he excelled in style and advancement.

Then at age 17 started studying under the Master Frank Dux with which his Brothers Glenn Gonzales and Bobby Inkman (Bob Anderson) had been training. Studying Dux Ryu Ninjitsu over the next three years, He received a brown belt from Frank Dux school in North Hollywood, California, in the early 1980s.

Mid 1980's

After taking a little time off from Martial Arts, Bill studied Police sciences in Hollywood, California, then enrolled in Rio Hondo College – Public Safety Division Police academy in Los Angeles County California.


In 1993-1994 attended seminars of Master Vut in Los Angeles, California, and had his first taste of Muay Thai Martial Arts.

He moved to Seattle, Washington, and continuing his prudent studying of Martial Arts at North Seattle's KUNG FU CLUB until 1998. After continuing to spend many years traiining in the Seattle area, Bill moved to Houston in 2005.

Bill joined the NRA and became a marksman and a Licensed Handgun instructor through the National Rifle Association of America, in which he is a Patrion life member.


Continuing his training, he moved to Houston, Texas, where he first studied Shaolin Kempo with United Studios of Self-defense. Studying at their now-closed Sugar Land, Texas facility, receiving his 4th Belt in Martial Arts and 2nd Black Belt.

After leaving USSD, he was introduced to fighter Robert Ezell and started training under Army Sergeant Calvin Bradford at Bradford Combat Academy, where he studied for 1080 formal hours in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu becoming 12th Khan and receiving his Instructors certificate in Advanced Muay Thai techniques.

He has trained with civilian, Law enforcement, and military CQB for more than ten years.

He Joined the United World Muay Thai Association in 2006 and becoming a certified instructor through the United World Muay Thai Association.

He spent the next six years teaching law enforcement and private military contractors’ defensive tactics.


Bill is now on Staff for the United World Muay Thai Association and co-founder of the Black Belt Association and the first global Belt Database and Ranking database on BLACKBELTASSOCIATION.ORG.

William is also a certified weapons instructor in Escrima, kali, and Nun chucks weapons.


Bill now holds belts in more than 10 different styles and disciplines, of which 6 are Black belt or higher in Rank.

1. Ozman Ryu Karate - 1st Degree Black

2. Dux Ryu ninjitsu - 2nd Degree Brown

3. Hung Gar Kuen- Kung Fu - 1st Degree Black

4. Isshin-ryū Karate - 1st Degree Black

5. Shaolin Kempo - 1st Degree Black

6. Krav Maga - Blue

7. kook sool won - 2nd Stripe Yellow

8. Brazilian jujitsu - Purple

9. Muay Thai - 13th Khan Khru instructor – 5th Degree Equivalent ( Master )

10. Jeet kune do - 1st Degree Black

11.Tae Kwon Do - HWA - RANG - Red Belt


Blue Tiger Martial Arts / Senior Muay Thai Instructor

Corporate Military CQB Instructor

Law Enforcement CQB and Defensive Tactics Instructor


Promoted to Senior 13th khan Instructor - United World Muay Thai Association


Black Belt Krav Mega


Law Enforcement / Public Safety officer Instructor Private Military and Corporate Security Instructor


He continues teaching civilian, Law Enforcement, and Private Security professionals, and by 2026- and 20-years teaching Muay Thai, he can be eligible for promotion to the Rank of Arjarn



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You can contact Bill Petros directly at:

United World Muay Thai Association